Camaraderie, there is a great gift in sharing with others!

Hello, My Fellow Success Stories!

There is a great mystery in the universe and that is when working together with like minded people, it enhances our gifts in the Marketplace. Have you noticed that when you start talking to other business owners in your field or not you get inspired? Maybe its the connection we feel for the Camaraderie that comes with being able to speak the same language as in business and what we do and how we do it.  Or may its because other like minded people understand when we speak of the dynamics of owning and operating a business, in a way others can’t? It could even be that we just feel less disconnected from the world when we meet others that work for themselves.

This is by no means a criticism on the general public.  But I have been told by many different people that they would not take the risk of owning their own business. Nor would that want the hassles and headaches they associate with being a business owner. I don’t know where they get their information from when it comes to owning a business, because I have worked for others in Corporate and privately owned companies and had just as much hassle and fear? Working for some one else I was constantly worried about punching a clock, being called into a bosses office, reprimanded for others failure to complete projects and the disappointment that comes when my paychecks didn’t make it to the end of my monthly bills.

Yes being in business for your self has its challenges and its not easy to depend on just yourself to make money. But if you Network with other businesses and you join groups with like minded people often times you’ll find numerous ways to build your business up with helpful hints from their business practices and ideas.

Look on for groups that meet and discuss your type of business and if there isn’t a group yet form one! Go to Networking events, mix and mingle meet others who share your passion for being in business. Build up a contact list of businesses that you can use for your own business. Such as Insurance companies, Bankers, Graphic designers, Printing companies any one who has a business card that you can add to your growing list of network companies. In this way you will enjoy meeting new people sharing great ideas and build your business up all at the same time. Its a Win – Win all around!

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Free Live Webinar Training for Running and Online business.

Hello, My Fellow Future Entrepreneurs,

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Investing in your Business…

Hello My Fellow Entrepreneurs,

Investing in your business is investing in you. For most people opening a Business is a huge step and it takes courage, persistence, dedication, and Money. It does take some time to grow the business to an income producing level where it becomes profitable. Too many times I see people rushing into business thinking I’m going to be rich right away… While that isn’t impossible… Most of the time it does not happen that fast.  Then they get upset and give up too soon?

I found that every venture you undertake needs time to grow.  We have to learn the business. Educate yourselves on the processes that work and that don’t. Understand our market. Learn the specific types of marketing that work to attract our ideal customers. Purchase whatever products we need to run our business. Execute the steps needed to launch the business. Finally, run it and see where the growth happens then repeat those steps again to keep it consistently growing over time.

If the business you launch brings you Joy.  Then it will never feel like work! When we are passionate in what we are doing it shows!

Trust me,  passion can be contagious! Your customers will feel your excitement and want to be a part of it. When I first started working in the Affiliate market and the online world, I felt anxious, confused and it showed up in my blog posts. It has taken me over a year to get comfortable with what I am doing and marketing my products and services to the right people. Now I feel a lot more confident in what I’m doing and I see small victories and growth in my business. I am happy with this progress as well. Understanding them my product and service is not for everyone helped me to realize where I was wasting my time and energy in marketing to, too broad an audience. By honing in on the specific people that will benefit from my business I’ve grown more confident in my ability as a business owner and my business itself has grown.

If you are thinking about owning your own business and would more information on my business model and products check it out here!


If you decide to join in then send me a message and let me help you navigate what to do since I now know what mistakes NOT to make!


To your Success!   Brenda



Female Affiliate Marketers, what is your biggest challenge?

Hello My Fellow Female Affiliate Marketers,

Happy Independence Day in the USA! This being the 5th of July we just celebrated our countries 241 st anniversary. Like Independence Day we like to celebrate our victories.
But what if today, you celebrate your biggest Challenges? Being an entrepreneur there will always be challenges to oversee and overcome. Being a female Affiliate Marketing entrepreneur besides feelings of intimidation, limitation, and inequitable ratio’s. Its easy to feel uncomfortable in the male dominated Affiliate Marketing world if you are a female. But in today’s statistic’s more and more women are turning to Affiliate Marketing and over taking the marketing world by storm.

But Why?

According to MoreNiche a 2014 study showed that the following reasons were driving women’s interest in the the Affiliate Marketing world:

41% – The appeal of earning extra income

34% – Affiliate marketing fitting in well with own blog/site topics (fashion, beauty, lifestyle)

29% – The availability of evening and weekend time to spend on affiliate marketing

18% – The ability to provide better site content to visitors through affiliate marketing

And women will be twice as likely as men to engage in Affiliate Marketing in the future. Indeed, the findings show that over the next five years, the percentage of female affiliate marketers could surge by up to 400%, and the gap is already closing. Which would put us from this study into the year 2019. For this reason its easy to see that women are venturing into the Affiliate Marketing area more and more.
Yet there are still challenges to overcome. Statistics prove men dominate the Tech world, while women dominate in Social Media and Social Networking.

But in the areas of online media the men dominate in some of the biggest markets of Socialization!

According to Business Insider Online:
Here’s the breakdown of the actual user base make-up, according to a 2012 report by marketing firm DigitalFlashNYC. Note: Women make up the majority of users on Twitter, Facebook, Zynga, and Pinterest.

Stat 1: LinkedIn: 63% men and 37% women

Stat 2: Google+: 71% men and 29% women

Stat 3: Reddit: 84% men and 16% women

Stat 4: Regarding Reddit, men are also twice as likely as women to be Reddit users, according to Pew internet.

This shows that the Tech side of the male population has advantages when it comes to analytics and digital knowledge and SEO rankings. Yet the women can make up for that Challenge by using social media to its advantage by running more female centered Advertisements  and engaging the public in their Blog posts. If this Blog post tells you anything its that NOW is the best time to get into the Affiliate Marketing and become a Female dominating force in the World of Online Sales.  As you gain more knowledge and become the expert people will be flocking to you to learn from! If your interested in learning more on how to start an online business visit my website!


To Your Success!



Wondering how to Manifest more Money?

Hello My Fellow Affiliate Chics,

I want to share with you an amazing woman Denise Duffield Thomas and her Book called “Get Rich Lucky Bitch” in her book she talks about the ways we are around money. The blocks we may have and how to overcome your fear of success with Money $$. I am an Affiliate with her company and I do get compensation if you should decide to join any of her programs. But that is not why I promote her work. I promote her work because I have personally read some of her book and I have enrolled in her “Moneyboot Camp program” and feel these programs will greatly benefit some one wanting to get better about how they feel about making money! It is definitely something I want to share with others! See the different courses below!

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To Your Success,


When Life gives you Lemons….you make?

Hello to my Female Entrepreneurs,

We’ve all heard the term “When Life gives you Lemons you make Lemonade”. But not us! When Life gives you Lemons, we women will make, Rasberry Lemonade, Lemon Meringue Pie or Lemon Squares. Because we are resourceful and imaginative and creative.

Yet with all the choices we have to start a business online today, it can stop us in our tracks. Especially if we feel overwhelmed or insecure in the knowledge of what in the world are we doing?

I like to call this the “Geek Speak” syndrome. One that I too was guilty of and allowed it to stop me from moving forward in my business for months. Just because we don’t understand all the terminology or all the different aspects of the internet or the online world. That shouldn’t stop us from trying! Every day there are new and exciting changes taking place on the web and every day there are thousands of new opportunities for you to grow a business online. But you can allow that Lemon to hit you and stop you where you are or you can duck! Then look around and see what new opportunity excites you! What area of life are you and expert at? Are you a great cook? Start and online blog and start sharing recipes and how to make them on a blog! Advertise for different cooking utensils or Pans etc and see how quickly you build a following and an income business!

Remember what you don’t know you always can learn or pay someone else for their knowledge to help you! When it comes to being and entrepreneur it’s up to you to find the best way for you… To grow your business.

Every day we have the opportunity to make positive changes in our life but….we have to put in the time and effort it takes to start. Once you have the processes in place keeping it all going gets easier. With all the new technology today and the ease of the internet there are hundreds of ways to make money online but if you are going to start an Online Business you should really consider starting it in something that truly excites you! By starting a business that excites you and keeps you engaged you will in time find that it’s more fun than work and your life becomes more fulfilling.

So whether it’s Blogging, Selling products or Services operating an online business will immediately change your life in a couple of ways. One it will give you the freedom to work from any place you desire. Two it will give you the opportunity to make as large an income as you see fit and last but by far the most important it will be the best extension of you…. It will be your voice in the world making a difference in peoples lives all over the internet.

If you want to learn the steps to growing and Online Business check out this program I used to get started!

Contact me if you need any guidance in getting started. I’m here to help you grow!

To Your Success!


In Affiliate Marketing, People need to hear, Your Unique Voice!

Affiliate Marketing is a big Business, so people need to Hear your Unique Voice!

Hello my fellow Affiliates,

I know if we googled how many affiliate marketers there are on the internet the numbers would be staggering. Let’s just say a lot of people enter into the program, but how many are still there 3 years later? You see like any endeavor it takes time to grow your unique voice and to be heard above the fold on the internet highway. But there in lies the catch! Its your Unique voice that people will gravitate too.. Optin into your web page for more of what you have to say and in time purchase what ever you are offering.

But you must have a Unique voice and it really should be one of passion for whatever you are speaking about or offering for sale. If your just shuffling pages of content that doesn’t resonate with your reader then your inbox will be empty.

By offering free content to your readers.  Content that is relevant to them, befitting their wants and or needs. They will eventually seek you out of the crowd and pay attention to what ever you suggest would benefit them.  Its not always easy to pop out consistent Blog posts but it is necessary if you want people to notice you and become a fan of your page.  It also lends to the fact your credible and reliable two things a good customer seeks out in a relationship.

Being an Entrepreneur, owning your own business is not a quick slap up a web page and run with the money enterprise? It should be treated as a real company like any other. Maybe its not on the side of the road that someone can just happen upon, because its on the computer. But let me tell you this right now. On the Internet, you have a lot more people available to you, day or night to bring to your Ad’s and or offers! Eventually even into your business ….

Find your Voice. Find who you think you could relate too. There is a world full of Unique people just like yourself and some of them need you to speak up and let them hear you!

In 2015, the last Census taken there were 7.347 BILLION people on the planet.

I’m sure you have a something in common with at least a Million of them and that my friend is a huge audience! And I’m sure a few hundred thousand if they heard you… Would definitely be interested in what you have to offer.

If your ready to get started and want a proven system that works click here and let your journey begin! Once you’ve signed up send me a message and let me help you get off the ground running in your new venture!


To your Success,


Where to begin?

Where to begin in becoming an Affiliate Marketer….

Hello New and Existing Affiliate partners!

Wondering where to begin in your new Affiliate Career? I was in that place not so long ago and its been a journey learning the business. If your brand new to internet Marketing check out some of the youtube video’s and see who your drawn too. I came across a video and that video led me to others and eventually to the company I’m most associated with now MOBE. My friend and mentor John Chow had video’s called driving with John Chow and I found them both humorous and educational! He now has his own program which I promote through MOBE as well and he gave me a lot of encouragement in the beginning that kept me motivated to learn more.

If there was any advice I would give is this go through a program like the MOBE 21 steps program I went through.  It teaches you the fundamentals of how an Affiliate Marketer gets started. Once you’ve gone through a program then take your time looking at and finding which ones really seem like ones you would do. Because you have the many options to begin with.

Options like; Banner Ad’s, Solos Ad’s, Email Marketing, Facebook Ad’s, Google Adwords and Twitter Advertising just to name a few. You will also need a good landing page and response program as well as a simple wordpress website to start. So often when we look at starting a new career we forget there will be expense’s…. But if we plan for them from the beginning it makes it feel less overwhelming.

I also want you to remember you are beginning a journey….Not a Sprint to the finish line! While making it big fast sounds exciting it is something that may or may not happen for you and if it doesn’t I don’t want you to lose hope! Even if it takes a year or longer to get it going and make you a profit then you’re doing great! Most businesses fail after their first year because no one told them it can take up to 3 years before a business will float and make a profit. Most business owners will need to reinvest every penny they make in the first few years back into the business to help it grow.

A Business even Affiliate Marketing businesses will need to be cultivated, reinvested in and pampered a little in the beginning years…But remember you are investing in YOU! Your life …Your Dreams… So, give You and Your business the time and space it needs to get there! And if you ever need help or encouragement along the way get in touch with me, I will be there when you need it!


To Your Business Success!


ClickBank Affiliate Marketing program..

There are many ways to be successful as an Affiliate Marketer!

I know most of the seasoned marketers out here in cyber world already know about ClickBank and its amazing Affiliate program, but for those who don’t here is a Quick run down.

One thing for sure is the value in the products you promote!
Clickbank, hosts a platform in which Affiliate’s can promote thousands of programs off their site. You can filter out what to promote by category or lifestyle. Like Coaching programs, Book sellers, Passive Income producers, Weight loss, Writers, Bloggers, Tools, Green Energy, Spirituality, Sports, Business, Home and Garden and so much more.

 Clickbank is a huge site with something for every interest. It also has a training program you can join to help get you started in the online world.

Not only does Clickbank offer Affiliate links to sell it will also host your products if you have any you’ve created! Moving into the future these companies will help you define your Online Business and interests that keep you wanting to sell more!

Having access to such companies will enrich your online presence and keep you engaged in a business that grows, like no other!

To Your Success!


Affiliate Marketing Fee’s…

Hello Affiliate Marketers and Future Affiliates!

Affiliate Marketing Fee’s. Who Knew?

I wonder How many of you knew there would be Affiliate Marketing Fee’s, when you joined your company like mine (MOBE)….

For those that joined other types of Affiliate Marketing programs like (Clickbank) did you know about the costs involved becoming an Affiliate Marketer before you joined?

How many of us were clueless before we started looking into becoming an Affiliate?

Me I understood there would be costs to getting my online business started, but I had no real clue what the continuing on going costs would entail?

Frankly its taken me months…10 to be exact… to wrap my head around the Fee’s?

This is not to say they are not worth it or that companies that charge a fee are better or worse than those that don’t its me just trying to help someone new thinking of becoming an Affiliate Marketer that there will be ongoing costs involved with doing business as one.

I hope you won’t let that deter you from becoming one and having your Own Online Business, because the rewards in a short period of time far out weight the cost!!

This Post is to help you do the Same…

What this Blog post is about is getting you prepared for wrapping your head around the fee’s and marketing costs associated with running your Online Business. It has taken me at least a year to come to appreciate the fact that what I am getting for the fee I pay far out weighs the cost. The company I work with is called MOBE. They have shared so much over this last year in Education, $ale’s Training, Email marketing, Webinar training, Traffic Mastery and so much more. Even the emotional support has been a benefit I hadn’t found with other companies. It’s taken me looking back to see how far I’ve come and to appreciate all this company has allowed me to gain. If you would like more information on a company that has proven itself time an again contact me or check out this video! 


To your Success!