This week I found a mentor! I was so excited to meet Ted! I thought yes !!!   This is what I’d been missing… Some one to bounce ideas off of. Someone to help me grow in my business. We met during my lunch hour so it was a bit rushed but,  he opened my eyes to so many new ideas in online business that I will have tons to post about over time.

Now with every good mentor comes the homework…. My assignments for this week are…..Post 3 Videos?   What Videos? You must be joking right? Nope….. no joke….. get them done….don’t worry if they are perfect ……..Just make them…Post them and start getting used to making them. That is how you will get known and make friends online.  Who over time will come to trust you… Because every relationship in life starts out with coming to trust the other person.

So look out world here I come!   🙂


To Your Success!   Brenda