There are roughly 7 essential types of online business. You can choose from,. The two that seem to be the easiest for a start up and then maintain would be Blogging / Reviewing products or sites and Affiliate Marketing which is promoting a companies products, services and or Web sites. They require a little less hand holding even in the beginning. Site such  as Amazon, Shopify or Click bank. These lend to you only having to set up your self on their Affiliates page and then promote them. They do all the rest of the work and your paid a commission off the sales of the client you’ve sent them.

There is also E-Commerce selling goods through the internet,  on sites like Ebay, Flipkart etc. In most cases you can sell products you’ve purchased through a company like Amazon or Ebay and make money, But you also have to work out the shipping and return policies for these products or work something out with the company you sell through.

Most of this will require a few standard product must haves. Things like a Computer, Internet access, Website or blog and a Lead capture page and or Auto responder. This way your building up a list of potential future customers you can sell to in the future.  As with any business brick or Cyber they both require Customers!  And building up your lists of potential future customers is essential! But if you can build that list through an Auto Responder site that will save you tons of time!

Over the next few days I will delve into business that you can promote online and then work through the rest. I hope that will give you a better understanding of which design of online business you would prefer to work in. Because while all can make you money there will be one that will Resonate with you more than the others and that’s the one you’ll do your best in!

To Your Success!