This post I’m going to write about becoming an affiliate for an Online company like Amazon. While this may not be the most lucrative way to earn money,  its a great way for you to get started.  By becoming and affiliate with them you will see how simple it is to promote this site and others like them.

First though,  you will need a Website or Blog post page. You can begin with a Domain name and web site from a Server company such as Hostgator. Clink on the link in the side bar to be directed to hostgators  home page for more information on Domain names, web site hosting products and Blog page building .Once you have that set up then you can decide which companies you want to advertise on your Web page.

Next you will go to the specific website  of the company you wish to become affiliated with. If look at the bottom of their home page. That is where you will find the word Affiliates. Click on that word link and it will redirect you to a page where you will register by entering in your domain name or web site link and your personal  information and then either be redirected again to another page or you will receive a message from them stating they will look over your application and get back with you.

It usually doesn’t take long for them to respond. Then once your accepted you will then get a link to your affiliate page and there you will find the links or Banner ad’s you can post on your own Web site or Blog post and begin to get sales. Each affiliate company has there own percentages or commissions they pay out to you and others have a flat fee. I any case once you get your links make sure to post them to your site and then test them yourself and ask a friend to test them as well to make sure your links work everywhere. Its a good idea to use affiliate links to products that will be promoted from your site, like Amazon which sells everything from computers to books to household items. These affiliate companies will bring your readers or customers the most value. Which is what as a business owner you want to do always add value.

To your Success!