Hello !

Yesterday here in the great state of Virginia hurricane Mathew paid a visit.

Now mind you, we were all keeping an eye on the most likely track of this growing turbulence and we were told by the Meteorologists, we wouldn’t get anything ….. Maybe some rain and a few high winds out of this storm.

Well that was not what happened! We got hit with hurricane force winds pelting rain and flooding in areas that NEVER flood. I was not prepared for this storm! Noone here was prepared for what hit.

I usually take the high road and get supplies in the house. To make sure I have  extra water and cooked foods in case the Electricity goes out for a longer than normal period.  I had not completed any of these tasks because I took it for granted the storm would only bring rain and some wind?

Owning your own business is a lot like the impending storm. One must prepare themselves for the ups and downs in business and we try to predict any future problems that might occur.

While we will all get caught off guard at times, we learn through our experiences. After this one the next storm expected I will be better prepared.

I did however have some great down time with no power.  I had to get through the quiet which in today’s world its hardly ever quiet… with reading and contemplation on where I want to grow in my online business.

So, I took on a 9 day challenge and I’m learning a new skill! Its an application called Snapchat while this might come easy for some, for me its another world…  Yet,  one I’m excited to learn from.

The message from this post to share with everyone is this;

Growing your own business… Even in those time we feel unprepared for…. is still growth! We will get through them! Don’t let your not being prepared stop you from moving forward. Often its just taking that first step that propels you into a huge business success! Storms pass, so don’t stop moving in the direction of your dreams.


Here’s to your Success!   Brenda