When I first started looking for an online business  to start, many companies out in the internet world were sending me loads of information on their sites and what the benefits to me and my business they had…. and the same will happen to you. There will be many tools that will come across your computer as you delve deeper into the waters of owning an online business. Some items will be needed others are just shiny objects to catch and grab your attention for a little while.

Then there are the real tools of the trade so to speak…

Those products that you will want to put in place to build your business, then scale and grow your reoccurring client base.

Being an Affiliate Marketer, has its advantages. Number one is that the company your promoting will handle the funnels for you and the client retention. While that may be fine for just starting out.  Ultimately its up to you to build a list of followers that you can continue to send invitations for products or services,  that will fulfill a need they have. And remember, don’t for a minute prejudge any of your clients desires… Like that guy your thinking wouldn’t want to see the perfume list you have ready for sending out this Holiday season?

But then again he might need a last minute gift for a female that he knows but not very well and he becomes for your first purchase!

Yet you wouldn’t have had this purchase if you didn’t have his contact information and email address. And this is why having an Auto Responder that connects to your site is the easiest and fastest way to build that client list. .

Try out a couple to see which one feels right for you and your client list. Personally,  I had a competitor to Get Response first. While I still had the other company, I went ahead and signed up to  Get Response, to compare them both and found this one has a much easier platform for me to build up an email list. The Auto Response system is used to keep my clients engaged and coming back for more. And if you are like me you have several companies you promote then having this setup with different campaigns for each company is a time saver from the beginning.

So if your interested in a Free Trial, click on Get Response, here or up in the email and see for yourself how simple building your list can be!

To your Success!