When your just starting out in the Online Marketing world, try not to jump st every offer that is sent to you. Often times you’ll be making purchases for things like Web sites Hosting, Auto Responder, Optin pages or forms…etc And before long you have 20 different sites you will need to visit just to integrate one Optin form, or Newsletter? Soon you’ll be saying forget it I’ll use only the sites I need right now!

Then you’ll find at lot of the sites are redundant or offer most of what you will need in one site. I know we all want to choose our own sites that is what makes it enjoyable and build our own pages, blogs and forms. But after a while you will see where one or two of those sites you’ve paid for are just not being used cost effectively and in the long run you might have saved yourself time and Money but giving the first site a chance for you to utilize all of their features, first before joining a new site.

Don’t be afraid to comparison shop and take advantage of any free options you have in the beginning this just helps you to learn to navigate the site before you actually sign on to it. Because once you’ve spent hours building… a great optin form or Newsletter or Landing page only to find the site is not as user friendly as it claimed to be to have to start all over on another site.

Do your Homework first and find out just what will you need for the online business? Does the company your promoting offer any free optin pages, email marketing or landing pages that you can start out with and then build your own once you see how they work.

A lot of people find their own niche, where its email marketing, Webinar hosting, Video presence online, or Social media or Blogging.. ¬†each has its own significance and in most cases you can start using one and then grow into using several other optins once you’ve gotten one mastered and have good feedback from it. To figure out which one is right for you, ask your self these questions..

  1. How much time weekly will I devote to this business?
  2. Do I enjoy writing?
  3. Do I enjoy being in front of the camera?
  4. How much time to I spend on Social media platforms now?
  5. How fast do I want to grow my business?

Answering a few of these questions will help you to at least see how and where to begin. There are many online Guru’s that offer free materials in the beginning and then things will have a fee, but it might give you an opportunity to see how much time and effort they must put into their articles or videos and if you feel you could do it as well if not better than you will know where to start!

As always feel free to email or contact me here and I’ll be happy to help you in anyway I can!


To Your Success, Brenda