Today,  let’s talk about aquiring some help…. Whether its through Partnering with a Mentor , or through a Group. Meetup.com is a good place to start.  You should definitely find some one  or a group of people to share ideas and to help keep you motivated. As we all know when we start out we are all Blazing a trail….then we either hit a wall, get frustrated that its not happening fast enough or we freeze in fear not knowing what the next step should be… We’ve all been there…

But often people are afraid to meet others doing what they are doing, because of the competition?  That is crazy…

We’ve reached 7 billion people on the planet…. 7 billion! Now I know you want to make it big and all that… But do you honestly think you could possibly meet and serve that many people all by yourself?  …. Ya?… No !…..

So forget the whole competition side of things. Getup and get out of your comfortable clothes … Make it to a meetup.Or go out and find a Mentor! One who is working with the same Company or Service programs that you are.  This way,  you can grow from the experience. In turn you will inspire new idea’s in them as well…its a Win….Win… Later on when you have a handle on the business you can then help others.

The other benefits are they will have also tried some advertising strategies that either worked or didn’t !! Which can save you ton of money especially when it comes to Solo Ad’s or Advertizer’s of any kind. I’ve heard of a lot of people being scammed by bad service providers and usually if you’ve been around a while, you will know which ones are decent and which aren’t. As an Affiliate Marketer Solo Ad’s can bring you a lot of money on top of a  great email lists and paid conversions on your products or services if you get in with a really good Provider.

But I still say the bonus is in having someone who understands where you are and can help you navigate out of it,  quicker than you can do it on your own.  There are a lot of groups now on Facebook as well, that you can ask to join. There you will find local people and groups or online Mentors that will give you expert advice. Trust me… we all want to see you succeed… Because if your promoting the same company that I am,  your sales help to keep our company growing which in turn, helps me to keep making sales in the company too.. Give this a try the worst that can happen is you’ll make new friends!  🙂


If I can be of any help to you in any way contact me!


Success is a by product of Success!   Brenda