As December brings to a close this year 2016, I want to thank you all for reading my posts.

I want to wish each of you a Joyous Holiday season …no matter how you spend it… or….. What you Celebrate..

But please make sure you do one thing and one thing only….

Before the New Year begins take some paper and write out your plans for next years business. How do you see it? Where will it grow and expand? What is one new tactic, program ,Marketing  or Business related educational skill will you implement next year?

Where do you see the most growth happening for you in 2017? Will it be in Advertising, Monetizing, Website building, Blog writing or maybe its one on one networking you’ll make a priority next year… No mater what you choose to work on next year , just remember to work on one new idea or concept at least… Your business won’t grow unless you do.. Reassess your Budget, see what next item can you bring into your business that will make your life easier? Maybe an Assistant? An Auto Responder program? How about a ghost writer for your blog page? Learn to use Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. Opening up your business to a wider audience.

The best ideas come when you sit with pen in hand and no particular thoughts to hold you back. Next year can be your year to break your own Glass ceiling!!!  As long as you write it out… Form a plan on what your hoping your business will do.  You might consider getting a budgeting program to help you keep track of spending or making it easier to remember to pay your bills on time..

Or if your interested in starting a new business venture you can check out the one I’m working with,  in the link below; A Link for 7 Figure Freedom Formula , copy and paste in your browser for more details.




There are many companies out there for you to browse through and decide which fits your lifestyle best.. Take some time to mentally design how you want it to look before the New Year …. it will make it a lot easier to decide which strategies you’ll keep , Add or toss…. But at least you will be moving in the direction of your dreams!


To your Success,    Brenda