I started my affiliate business back in February of this year and so far it has been a huge learning experience for me. I have invested Time and Dollars into learning, Establishing and now into growing this business.

But I must admit I had some illusions in the beginning thinking I’d be making money by now?  I am either in a slump or loosing momentum on how to keep going when it feels like its an impossible dream?  Have you ever felt like this? Have you had issues with growing your business? Or are you loosing steam too?

I know that being in business is not for everyone and some people thrive on the adrenaline rush building and staying alive in business calls for….. But how about when you work a full time job on a computer all day and the last thing you feel like doing at night is more computer time? How do you conquer that I’m ready to give up feeling? Or more importantly do you?  Is there ever a right time to quit? Flush those big dreams down the toilet?

Or should you just take a step back, and regroup? Maybe take a break for a bit and recharge your mental batteries  so to speak and then, come back at it?  Many companies fail to plan for dry times and I don’t mean just financially I also mean dry times in our own ability to keep moving forward.

I think if your true to yourself you will plan in time to shut down… Give your self a break from the constant thoughts of do more…. be more productive….. keeping plugging…even when your feeling burnt out is not the way to stay in business. Give your self permission to stop thinking about it for a few days… The mental banter in your head might take a few days to quiet but once you have you will give yourself time to connect with inspiration and then  when your ready nothing will stop you from jumping back on the business train. After all if we don’t take a time out how will we know when we are being inspired or just tossing more fuel ion a fire that’s already blazing?  Use this holiday season to rest, recharge, redesign and renew your soul with inspiration that will grow your business to new levels. The likes of which you have never dreamed!


Happy Holidays!