Hello Affiliate Friends,

Today I’m feeling a little nostalgic, because its coming up on my fisrt year anniversary on becoming an Affiliate Marketer. It has been quite a year.Now some might say I’m a failure, because in truth, I have not made many monetary gains yet. So my question is this?  By whose standards do you measure your Success at something?

There was no shortcut or easy answer for me. Yes I do still have a job that gives me an income. I made the conscious decision last year to go into Affiliate Marketing now because for one I knew absolutely nothing about Owning and Operating an Online Business. And,  I am single… So I would still need to support myself as I grew my new Online Business.

I knew I had the desire and the dream!  Now it was time to put those desires into action.

I’ve learned a ton about working online!  The different types of businesses you can own and operate.  Along with the hours it takes to get that business up and running. Now it’s time to implement what I’ve learned and start really marketing the business to the world and watch the business,  and myself grow. My goal for my business is twofold. I’d like to get this Online Business to grow exponentially and to put systems in place to help it do more growth with less of my time.  So that I’m free to help teach others how to become Online Businesses Owners as well.

Because I get to Define my Success, I know this past year was one of constant growth. I met many wonderful people who work online both locally and across the world. I had the fantastic experience of meeting the Founder of the company I promote MOBE and many other affiliate Marketers in that company at a summit in Las Vegas which was inspiring on so many levels. I joined a meetup group for  Online Entrepeneur’s here locally in Virginia Beach. Which is where I live,  so I’ve made many new friends that share their experiences with me and keep me encouraged. I’ve learned the art of the written word in my Blog posts and articles I write. I have over come my fear of being a face online in posting videos to my online YouTube channel “Owning an Online Business”.

I’ve learned the terminology, of Domain names, blogging, SEO, ROI, Web footprints, Opt-in, Social media, Adwords, Analytics, and so many more terms that a year ago had me clueless.

You can’t define in dollars how priceless, knowledge of your industry is…..

Who Defines your Success?     YOU DO!!   and never let anyone tell you differently. Always remember this… how  quickly you climb the ladder of Success is up to you. Just don’t stop or get off until you reach the top!

To Your Success,