Hello Fellow Business owners & beginners,

Every country in the world needs businesses.

I’d like to know how many people are “Afraid of starting your own business? Whether it’s the responsibility, the taxes, the paperwork or just the fear of the unknown. I want those of you who have pondered the idea to really give this some thought. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Online Business or a brick storefront.

Being in business for yourself is very rewarding. There are gains in taxes and in time freedom! The type of Freedom you don’t get when you are working for someone else. I don’t know a single Business Owner that went into business hating the idea? Most were a little overwhelmed when they first saw the amount of work it took to begin, but once the business is up and running maintaining it is fun and pretty easy if you do stay on top of things.

Set a schedule of how many hours a week or day you will devote to this new venture and try your best to be diligent and stick to the schedule especially if you are trying to build the business, while still working for someone else.

Your schedule may vary… If need be…. but do your best to ensure you giving a certain amount of time to it weekly. And by “it” your business, I mean learning, implementing, acting on and promoting yourself and or the Business. Even before you open the door to the store you will want people to know about it! That grand opening needs to be a huge blowout of fans coming in the door..

Brag at how great it is all coming together! Let’s others know of your new venture and how it’s coming along even as you build it. The website, or the building both should have a following before its ready to begin. Set the intention this business will have a name within the first year and some good customers! This will give you momentum to keep going if you do hit a small lull at times during the year. Every business has the opportunity to grow, but its up to you to do the work to cultivate the business and its growth.

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I started a youtube Channel that has helped me keep my focus on building my customer base. I hope you will not give up on your Dreams of owning a business.

To your Success!   Brenda