Hello Fellow Affiliate’s,Business Owners & Entrepreneurs,

What’s in a Name? Especially a Domain Name? A Lot!

If you are not aware of this yet you will be soon. Domain Names are the DNA of your business. Just like your body is made up of a certain DNA so to is your Domain name that links everything to your Website! Today finding a domain name that isn’t already taken can sometimes become a nightmare. Certainly if you need the Domain Name to refer to what Business you are in… Domain Names are not to expensive to obtain either there are quite a few Hosting sites that will offer Domain Names and Web Hosting for a bundle price. But that still doesn’t guarantee you will acquire the name you most want.

In that case what is the next step? My first piece of advice is to think about your Business model, decide what it is you most want to convey in the least amount of time.  This will help narrow down some words to look up in the Dictionary, that will help you find a great Domain Name. Think about what your business is for… Is it for; E-Commerce, Network Marketing, Services offered or Products manufactured. Each of the categories will have certain verbiage that will help someone looking for your website will easily recognise and find. A few Examples would be;

  1. Affiliate= 
    VERB (used with object), affiliated, affiliating.
    1.to bring into close association or connection:
  2. Commerce.

    1. a business concern owned or controlled in whole or in part by another concern.
    2. a subsidiary.
      verb (used without object), affiliated, affiliating.
      1.to associate oneself; be intimately united in action or interest.
    3. Noun 

      a branch organization. a person who is affiliated; associate; auxiliary.

Try using a Thesaurus as well to find companion words;

collaborate, partner, associate, 

You might want to try using something like  “AffiliateCollaborators.Net”, “AffiliatePartners.com” or  “AffiliateAssociates.org” ….

Each of the above Domain Names still let Google, Bing and Yahoo find you when a prospect tries a search. Think of the Big named companies around the world that even use Logos Nike for example could use “just.do.it.com” and people would know whose site they landed on! The right Domain Name makes a world of difference and its attention to detail in the little things, that will catapult you to success.

To Your Success!