Hello My Fellow Women Entrepreneurs and Future Affiliate’s!

I have a few questions for you….

  1. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own your own Affiliate business?
  2. Have some fear around business ownership and being a wife or mother?
  3. No clue as to how to start?
  4. Wondering what costs are involved?
  5. Or just plain how do I get started?

Now…… let me give you a few answers to those questions.

I know we see and hear a lot of “Hype” on how to start an online business for “Free” but essentially nothing is ever really free. You will spend both Time and Money on any business venture. There are some ways to obtain clients that have less cost involved but those still cost you in time. There are hosting fees for websites, there are fees to belong to programs like Shopify or Amazon Prime selling. You can join Affiliate programs for free, or very little cost to start. But there comes a time when you must make the decision.  How far into your business, are you willing to go to make a profit.

Because to really make your business grow you will need some marketing money to get people to your site. Then you might have to spend a little more to get clients to buy your offer. In the end though it’s all about the quality of service you are going to give to this business that will ultimately make you a winner.  People don’t buy products or services from people the don’t “Trust” and that is where your going to spend the most money and time on building their trust. We females are usually the power behind most product and service purchases even if it’s for our Male spouses, boyfriends, children or friends. Often time we are the ones doing the research behind the scenes before the purchase. We research things like product costs, guarantees, or Product and Company reviews. So it really seems funny to me that more women aren’t into the online business of selling?

I’ve been to a couple of Online Business Summits and trade shows and I attend an event that was even hosted by my own Affiliate company and it surprised me how few women are in this field of business. More and More women are looking at Affiliate Marketing businesses but many come in and don’t last and I wondered why? So here again my question goes back to this what cost is holding you back? Is it the cost of Time that stops you or is it the Financial costs involved that make you not move forward with an Affiliate business? Or any business for that matter. I happen to like the ease of Affiliate Marketing with an online business its a great stepping stone to procuring and building your own Brand and Online Business one day.

If you have questions about building an online business or if your even toying with the idea and just want more information. Then comment here on my blog or better yet write me at {theicanlifestyle@gmail.com}and let me help you. You are just one click away from a whole new Lifestyle!

Here is a great book  that can show you how to make money online… 


To your Success!