Hello Affiliate Marketers and Future Affiliates!

Affiliate Marketing Fee’s. Who Knew?

I wonder How many of you knew there would be Affiliate Marketing Fee’s, when you joined your company like mine (MOBE)….

For those that joined other types of Affiliate Marketing programs like (Clickbank) did you know about the costs involved becoming an Affiliate Marketer before you joined?

How many of us were clueless before we started looking into becoming an Affiliate?

Me I understood there would be costs to getting my online business started, but I had no real clue what the continuing on going costs would entail?

Frankly its taken me months…10 to be exact… to wrap my head around the Fee’s?

This is not to say they are not worth it or that companies that charge a fee are better or worse than those that don’t its me just trying to help someone new thinking of becoming an Affiliate Marketer that there will be ongoing costs involved with doing business as one.

I hope you won’t let that deter you from becoming one and having your Own Online Business, because the rewards in a short period of time far out weight the cost!!

This Post is to help you do the Same…

What this Blog post is about is getting you prepared for wrapping your head around the fee’s and marketing costs associated with running your Online Business. It has taken me at least a year to come to appreciate the fact that what I am getting for the fee I pay far out weighs the cost. The company I work with is called MOBE. They have shared so much over this last year in Education, $ale’s Training, Email marketing, Webinar training, Traffic Mastery and so much more. Even the emotional support has been a benefit I hadn’t found with other companies. It’s taken me looking back to see how far I’ve come and to appreciate all this company has allowed me to gain. If you would like more information on a company that has proven itself time an again contact me or check out this video! 


To your Success!