Where to begin in becoming an Affiliate Marketer….

Hello New and Existing Affiliate partners!

Wondering where to begin in your new Affiliate Career? I was in that place not so long ago and its been a journey learning the business. If your brand new to internet Marketing check out some of the youtube video’s and see who your drawn too. I came across a video and that video led me to others and eventually to the company I’m most associated with now MOBE. My friend and mentor John Chow had video’s called driving with John Chow and I found them both humorous and educational! He now has his own program which I promote through MOBE as well and he gave me a lot of encouragement in the beginning that kept me motivated to learn more.

If there was any advice I would give is this go through a program like the MOBE 21 steps program I went through.  It teaches you the fundamentals of how an Affiliate Marketer gets started. Once you’ve gone through a program then take your time looking at and finding which ones really seem like ones you would do. Because you have the many options to begin with.

Options like; Banner Ad’s, Solos Ad’s, Email Marketing, Facebook Ad’s, Google Adwords and Twitter Advertising just to name a few. You will also need a good landing page and response program as well as a simple wordpress website to start. So often when we look at starting a new career we forget there will be expense’s…. But if we plan for them from the beginning it makes it feel less overwhelming.

I also want you to remember you are beginning a journey….Not a Sprint to the finish line! While making it big fast sounds exciting it is something that may or may not happen for you and if it doesn’t I don’t want you to lose hope! Even if it takes a year or longer to get it going and make you a profit then you’re doing great! Most businesses fail after their first year because no one told them it can take up to 3 years before a business will float and make a profit. Most business owners will need to reinvest every penny they make in the first few years back into the business to help it grow.

A Business even Affiliate Marketing businesses will need to be cultivated, reinvested in and pampered a little in the beginning years…But remember you are investing in YOU! Your life …Your Dreams… So, give You and Your business the time and space it needs to get there! And if you ever need help or encouragement along the way get in touch with me, I will be there when you need it!


To Your Business Success!