Hello My Fellow Female Affiliate Marketers,

Happy Independence Day in the USA! This being the 5th of July we just celebrated our countries 241 st anniversary. Like Independence Day we like to celebrate our victories.
But what if today, you celebrate your biggest Challenges? Being an entrepreneur there will always be challenges to oversee and overcome. Being a female Affiliate Marketing entrepreneur besides feelings of intimidation, limitation, and inequitable ratio’s. Its easy to feel uncomfortable in the male dominated Affiliate Marketing world if you are a female. But in today’s statistic’s more and more women are turning to Affiliate Marketing and over taking the marketing world by storm.

But Why?

According to MoreNiche a 2014 study showed that the following reasons were driving women’s interest in the the Affiliate Marketing world:

41% – The appeal of earning extra income

34% – Affiliate marketing fitting in well with own blog/site topics (fashion, beauty, lifestyle)

29% – The availability of evening and weekend time to spend on affiliate marketing

18% – The ability to provide better site content to visitors through affiliate marketing

And women will be twice as likely as men to engage in Affiliate Marketing in the future. Indeed, the findings show that over the next five years, the percentage of female affiliate marketers could surge by up to 400%, and the gap is already closing. Which would put us from this study into the year 2019. For this reason its easy to see that women are venturing into the Affiliate Marketing area more and more.
Yet there are still challenges to overcome. Statistics prove men dominate the Tech world, while women dominate in Social Media and Social Networking.

But in the areas of online media the men dominate in some of the biggest markets of Socialization!

According to Business Insider Online:
Here’s the breakdown of the actual user base make-up, according to a 2012 report by marketing firm DigitalFlashNYC. Note: Women make up the majority of users on Twitter, Facebook, Zynga, and Pinterest.

Stat 1: LinkedIn: 63% men and 37% women

Stat 2: Google+: 71% men and 29% women

Stat 3: Reddit: 84% men and 16% women

Stat 4: Regarding Reddit, men are also twice as likely as women to be Reddit users, according to Pew internet.

This shows that the Tech side of the male population has advantages when it comes to analytics and digital knowledge and SEO rankings. Yet the women can make up for that Challenge by using social media to its advantage by running more female centered Advertisements  and engaging the public in their Blog posts. If this Blog post tells you anything its that NOW is the best time to get into the Affiliate Marketing and become a Female dominating force in the World of Online Sales.  As you gain more knowledge and become the expert people will be flocking to you to learn from! If your interested in learning more on how to start an online business visit my website!


To Your Success!