Hello My Fellow Entrepreneurs,

Investing in your business is investing in you. For most people opening a Business is a huge step and it takes courage, persistence, dedication, and Money. It does take some time to grow the business to an income producing level where it becomes profitable. Too many times I see people rushing into business thinking I’m going to be rich right away… While that isn’t impossible… Most of the time it does not happen that fast.  Then they get upset and give up too soon?

I found that every venture you undertake needs time to grow.  We have to learn the business. Educate yourselves on the processes that work and that don’t. Understand our market. Learn the specific types of marketing that work to attract our ideal customers. Purchase whatever products we need to run our business. Execute the steps needed to launch the business. Finally, run it and see where the growth happens then repeat those steps again to keep it consistently growing over time.

If the business you launch brings you Joy.  Then it will never feel like work! When we are passionate in what we are doing it shows!

Trust me,  passion can be contagious! Your customers will feel your excitement and want to be a part of it. When I first started working in the Affiliate market and the online world, I felt anxious, confused and it showed up in my blog posts. It has taken me over a year to get comfortable with what I am doing and marketing my products and services to the right people. Now I feel a lot more confident in what I’m doing and I see small victories and growth in my business. I am happy with this progress as well. Understanding them my product and service is not for everyone helped me to realize where I was wasting my time and energy in marketing to, too broad an audience. By honing in on the specific people that will benefit from my business I’ve grown more confident in my ability as a business owner and my business itself has grown.

If you are thinking about owning your own business and would more information on my business model and products check it out here!


If you decide to join in then send me a message and let me help you navigate what to do since I now know what mistakes NOT to make!


To your Success!   Brenda