Hello, My Fellow Success Stories!

There is a great mystery in the universe and that is when working together with like minded people, it enhances our gifts in the Marketplace. Have you noticed that when you start talking to other business owners in your field or not you get inspired? Maybe its the connection we feel for the Camaraderie that comes with being able to speak the same language as in business and what we do and how we do it.  Or may its because other like minded people understand when we speak of the dynamics of owning and operating a business, in a way others can’t? It could even be that we just feel less disconnected from the world when we meet others that work for themselves.

This is by no means a criticism on the general public.  But I have been told by many different people that they would not take the risk of owning their own business. Nor would that want the hassles and headaches they associate with being a business owner. I don’t know where they get their information from when it comes to owning a business, because I have worked for others in Corporate and privately owned companies and had just as much hassle and fear? Working for some one else I was constantly worried about punching a clock, being called into a bosses office, reprimanded for others failure to complete projects and the disappointment that comes when my paychecks didn’t make it to the end of my monthly bills.

Yes being in business for your self has its challenges and its not easy to depend on just yourself to make money. But if you Network with other businesses and you join groups with like minded people often times you’ll find numerous ways to build your business up with helpful hints from their business practices and ideas.

Look on Meetup.com for groups that meet and discuss your type of business and if there isn’t a group yet form one! Go to Networking events, mix and mingle meet others who share your passion for being in business. Build up a contact list of businesses that you can use for your own business. Such as Insurance companies, Bankers, Graphic designers, Printing companies any one who has a business card that you can add to your growing list of network companies. In this way you will enjoy meeting new people sharing great ideas and build your business up all at the same time. Its a Win – Win all around!

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To your Success,