Hello, My Fellow Affiliates, Business Owners, Marketers, and Entrepreneurs,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here on my blog. I’d like to blame it on being so busy with my business I didn’t have time but that would be a lie.

I have been in the middle of a life-changing situation personally and I’ve made a move to a different state. I can say without a doubt this was a good move for me personally, but it has hindered my progress with my business. Limited time and Stagnation hasn’t helped.

Stagnation is a condition of not being motivated and doing little to no work what so ever. Like a pond that has no outlet, I’ve also had no outlet, no motivation to do and be more?

I have spent a lot of time watching a pond outside the window and it has little or no outlet that is visible.  So it has grown a sizable amount of Algae on its surface. Which I’m sure is great for the fish hidden below the surface to survive longer. But it does nothing to help the water with movement or flow.

So how do you get past your self-imposed Stagnation?   How do you dig deep to find your motivation and provide momentum when you don’t feel it?

For some people it only takes listening to motivational messages, others get motivation from Mentors or friends, still, others who are cut off from those that can help motivate them, what do they do?

They have to find it within themselves to keep trying, keep writing, reaching out to others in their businesses and seek guidance to forge ahead. Because in the end, it’s really all up to you to find your inner strength and keep moving forward in the direction of your dreams. Don’t let the big wigs fool you…they all suffered from Stagnation at one time or another and they had to find their way back to become the Millionaires they are today!

If you find yourself in Stagnation, don’t worry too much about it unless it goes on for months…Then you will have to get some help. Call a Friend or Mentor. Reach out to your tribe even if they have no connection with your business, better if they do, but okay if they don’t as long as they can help motivate you out of your Stagnating Slump! We need each other and it helps me whenever anyone reaches out to me just as much as it helps them.

I want to extend myself out to anyone who might need a little help with motivation. I am here and I will help all you need do is reach out to me!

Either Here or on my Website @ www.createtheicanlifestyle.com
To Your Success!