Ever wonder how the big players in the online marketing world made it to the top?   Me too!

Hello, Fellow Affiliates!

First and foremost they have all experienced what every business person experiences !!

A Few really big flops when it came to their business decisions and goals. What they learned over time and effort is that you really need to find a Niche and narrow down the playing field to a few or fewer target markets. Most Affiliates start out trying to sell anything and everything to the masses in hopes of landing their first sale? But, Trust me… that doesn’t always work. Often they spend a lot of time energy and dollars with little to no return.

How do I know this? Because that was me as well… I’ve spent the last year Throwing money at marketing and Ads that didn’t bring in a dime and it took me a while to realize that if I just get clear on “Who I want as a customer / Client”,  then my chances of gaining their trust and signing up for my offer will be better. Everyone that teaches Marketing 101 tells you this but until….. If you’re like me…. you go broke or get smart……you will continue to waste your time and money.

Doing the prep work will, in turn, save you hundreds of dollars and get you closer to your Return on Investment goals.  By Prep Work I mean sit down pen and paper and figure out who would benefit most by purchasing your product or service? Where do you look for these customers? What is the best approach to take when Marketing to them? Every group has their specific purchasing power and not everything you sell will be needed by everyone. Stop trying to sell to the Masses and get clear on who “YOU” want to do business with?

Because in the end, that is the real goal… Yes getting a sale is nice …Making a little money is great. But having a customer / Client for life should be your real Goal. I want and will only do Business with people who fit my criteria and with whom I will enjoy working with! My business is one of relationship and Resale, not a one time deal.

If you are like most Affiliate Marketers you chose the business you are associated with for your own reasons.  Those reasons may be some of the same your customers/ Clients have as well. What made you decide to look at the offer you were first exposed to? What determined your decision to purchase or become affiliated with? Your customers and clients will have these very same thoughts and will work with you for those reasons and more.

If your Affiliated with say a website hosting company like HostGator or Greengeeks than your customers or Clients will need a website hosting company for their own personal use. If they buy through your link you are paid a commission! If you are Affiliated with an Online Business Company like MOBE as I am! Then your customers and Clients will be wanting to build their own online business. This will have several different commission payouts! Either way, if you are looking to find the right Niche for your business then look in the Mirror! Or survey a few friends and acquaintances see what products or services they purchase online this is a great way to start!

This is how the big success stories made it to the Top! They found their Niche and narrowed down their audience and marketed specifically to them and before long they made it happen. And so can you!

To Your Success,