What habits do you have the help you keep control of the way you Lead your Day? 

Hello Fellow Affiliates,

How do you feel about having habits? Good or Bad? Do you understand how your habits really do control you? Most people do their work around their habits…. instead of building habits that work to lead their day.

What habits do you own that distract you from getting the work done you need to do most days? I probably have at least 10 of them. On any given day I will let the distractions take over, the cell phone rings, emails pile up, conversations with others, housework, errands and of course Googling everything from what is the latest Internet technique to grow my business… to the spelling of words on Dictionary .com!

How do you Stay focused on the present task at hand? What are some of the ways you find distract you from doing the work you know needs to be done on any given day? If I have set appointments that help’s me with time management, if not then I can get lost in the background noise of my computer. Or down the rabbit hole chasing answers to a single question that could have waited.

No Matter what the distraction is finding my way back to the tasks and completing at least one of them before my day ends helps me to feel a little more accomplished and in control of Leading my day. The company I’m Affiliated with which you can check out here is one that helps teach you techniques to Lead your Day and take control of your life and income.

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