Twas the week before Christmas and ….


This being the week before Christmas, the week of Hannukka and with thoughts on the pending New Year. I thought I would send out a greeting wishing each of you the best that this Season has to offer. Whether it’s your candles on the Menora or twinkling lights on the Christmas tree, this season brings to a close the end of 2017.

I always take this time to reflect on the past year not regretting it but understanding it…Plan out a monthly list of ways to grow in the next calendar year?

What is one thing I did this year that helped me grow my business?

What is one thing I did this year that I could do better at next year?

How should I approach 2018?  I like to toss some ideas around and then put them on paper!

How should I plan more for advertising?

Is there a new Marketing strategy I could learn?

Automate more of the business?

Maybe increase my Face to Face networking?

Attend more Workshops

Plan trips around the globe…

Plan Family outings…

Plan fun into the calendar to help keep you motivated to do more!

You get the picture right?   Planning a business future is important but so is a personal time future.  To do this you need to find new and innovative ways to automate more of your online business. I’ll be investigating some automation programs in the coming weeks and will update you on what I find helpful!

Happy Holidays….. Cheers to your Success!